March 30, 2019, 7:00 pm, Burns Paiute Reservation

The Rogue Valley Chorale has commissioned renowned television and film composer Joseph Julian Gonzalez to compose a new work, The Origin of The Songs (Cuicapeuhcayotl), based on the ancient Aztec poems that speaks of the Flower World, a mystical place of immense spiritual awareness that honors nature’s beauty in a deeply fulfilling musical experience. Join the Chorale for this auditory and visual extravaganza. To learn more about the commission click here.

There will be a complimentary pre-concert presentation by Composer Joseph Julian Gonzalez beginning at  6:30 PM on Saturday, 3/30. All are welcome to attend.

The performance in Burns, OR has been generously funded through grants from the Miller Foundation, the Carpenter Foundation, the Oregon Community Foundation, Collins Foundation and through the generous support of our community, enabling us to provide the concert at no cost to audience members.